Institute for the personal development, entrepreneurship, coaching and Emotional Intelligence is a training company founded in 2018 focused in the attitudinal training and the improvement of human performance. The company works with clients with the aim of increasing their results both in personal or professional areas, developing techniques and strategies in the areas of coaching, Emotional Intelligence, soft skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

INDEPCIE trains persons, so both the individuals and their organizations acquire skills and habits leading to a continuous improvement. The staff uses the most advanced techniques in training to develop and achieve this ambitious goal as experts in team management, emotional management and motivation.

INDEPCIE learns from the experience gained by its staff, professionals with years of background in the fields of training and the development and management of transnational projects in the frame of Erasmus + Program. We have 8 permanent staff members and external collaborators.

We have a high social commitment and we work actively with different young and women organizations, disadvantages groups, chambers of commerce and NGOs under a triple focus.

INDEPCIE pursues the personal development offering training programs to strength the self-knowledge, the awareness, the improvement of the interpersonal skills and the full development of the individual potential.
From an entrepreneurial point of view, we promote the professional and organizational improvement through communication and interpersonal skills.
INDEPCIE develops permanently its own training programs, endowing participants with techniques, tools and skills in the fields of human development, emotional and physical health.

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners, established in Athens, Greece. Innovation Frontiers IKE believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education and exploring new ways of using modern technology and modern teaching methods to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun.

The Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria “April 4th” (AYPB “4th April”) is a voluntary and independent association of psychologists, psychology students and other people interested in and dealing with psychology and socially relevant topics and issues.

The association is interested in working on projects, initiatives and activities related to personal, career, social development; environmental issues and problems; cultural and artistic; educational and developmental; innovation in the private and public sectors.

In 2022, the Association was certified for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems with scope: Education and training for professional qualification and raising the qualification of pedagogical and non-pedagogical specialists. Conducting distance learning. Organizing and conducting webinars, seminars, conferences, trainings, camps, team building, non-formal training, consulting services, youth work, projects, services for career, professional and personal development and realization. Development and implementation of innovations and good psychological practices to stimulate and positively influence social and personal, civic, environmental, cultural, health and entrepreneurial topics, problems and challenges.

AYPB “4th April” has many years of experience and success in working on Funding Programs such as Youth in Action, Erasmus +, National Youth Program, Youth Activities Program, E+, ECS, etc., as well as partnerships listed above programs and including Dafne.

Igor Vitale International Srl is a small and medium sized enterprise located in Foggia, Puglia specialized in applied psychology services in several fields of intervention including: clinical, social, forensic, work & organization, environmental, tourism, disability, sports, and school psychology. Igor Vitale International srl includes a network of 100 experts in psychology and human sciences operating at the national and international level with the mission of favoring the social inclusion, education and sustainability through applied psychology. Igor Vitale International Srl base its action on the multi-disciplinary interaction among several professions connected to psychology and human sciences, selected and proposed based on the nature of the project and including experts from the field of technology (IT experts, graphical experts, video makers, UX design experts, web developers) and from the human science sectors (including sociologists, anthropologists, researchers, teachers, trainers etc.) in order to reach its final goals: to promote social inclusion in school, training, universities, adult and work sectors; to promote behavioral and attitudes change for sustainability and ecology, to increase the quality of education in school, training, universities and work sectors through the aid of psychology, digital products, and human sciences.

The Centre of European Meetings “Światowid” in Elblag is an institution with an educational, media and informative nature. It is the provincial, local government cultural institution with seat in Elblag, but area of activity encompasses the whole country, with the particular emphasis on Warmia and Mazury. First of all, we realize regional tasks in the field of creativity and its popularization, cultural education and information – including media – as well as the promotion of the region. For this purpose, we create conditions for active participation of the public in widely understood cultural life, as well as for the development of amateur art movement. An important element of our actions is also cultivating Polishness, developing and shaping the cultural awareness of inhabitants of Warmia – Mazury in all available forms, and to support cultural activities of national minorities. By implementation of a number of projects, primarily based on the ministerial and the EU funds, we want to inspire and support the integration, as well as international cultural cooperation. We organize various educational and training programs based on culture and national heritage and at the same time we emphasise the cultural diversity of each country. High activity, but above all, efficiency of “Światowid” in obtaining extra-budgetary resources and a well-developed cooperation with organizations of public benefit cause that we are the beneficiary of many EU programs and ministries. Thanks to our ideas -that include artistic, educational and social activities- we can prepare a wide cultural offer.

Eesti People to People is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation registered in Estonia since 1997 with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International NGO. There are three members of the board and over one-hundred volunteers. NGO members work with people in age 50+ and seniors and have experience in Erasmus+, Nordplus and other projects.